16440 E.Whittier Blvd
Whittier , California 90603
Telephone: (562) 947-2013

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Other days, 8am. -5:00pm.

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About Us

Growing up during the late depression era and a little while after, Frank Nakamura's family grew flowers commercially for the cut flower industry located on Wall Street in Los Angeles, California. His family farmed the flowers in La Mirada, California. This section of La Mirada was known as Blue Hills. Hence, the name Blue Hills Nursery was taken from where his family used to farm their flowers.

The 1950's through the early 1960's, the priority was establishing the business and grooming the next generation of nursery owners. Growing the business was done in various ways, friendly personal customer service, knowledgeable sales staff, landscape design and being responsive to the customers needs.

The 1960's through the early 1970's brought increase awareness and desire to garden and an explosion in indoor plant material.
A new building was built in the mid 60's. Since then there have been three minor remodels on the present building. Our current building was built with intent as a mini shopping mall. To provide our customer base with a destination where they could shop for various needs. We had a lawn mower shop, a beauty shop, tropical fish store, a florist shop, art gallery and gift store. Through the years, the nursery has taken over the entire building and leased stores so we could meet our customers' current as well as future needs. We started our current gift store in the early 1970's and it is now managed by their daughter Lisa. The nursery is now under the management of their son Stan. He has three children that are currently working in the business as well. It has evolved now into its present state but with the same friendly personal customer service, knowledgeable sales staff, landscape design and being as responsive to the customers needs as possible.

After getting married to Asaye Kubo and moving to Whittier, Frank and Asaye Nakamura started a retail nursery on a section of land on Whittier Blvd. that was an old lemon grove in 1950. It was very rural in east Whittier in the early 1950's. Frank personally picked up most of the plant material during the early years of business. He would go and hand selects the plant material with his stake bed truck. He would even pick up large loads of fertilizer from some of the local farmers to resale. While Frank was busy with the plants, fertilizer and nursery, his wife Asaye was busy with three children and working at the nursery too!