Stop The Rain

We all talk about the weather - but there is nothing we can do to change it! We've heard it for years and it's certainly true! While we can't turn nature's faucet on and off, we can help our garden take advantage of the extra "blessing" when we get overly generous amounts of water.

Capture as much of the rain as you can with rain barrels to store the water! Natural rain provides essential nutrients not available in tap water. You'll see very happy plants when you water them with natural rain. You'll see a vigor and growth characteristic of a fertilization when you put them on a diet of natural rain.

All this rain will also affect the garden. On the good side, you won't need to water for a while, and the natural rain is better for the garden, too. On the bad side, an abundance of winter rain will bring about an abundance of undesirable weeds in early spring.

You can reduce the weed problem while preserving the moisture accumulated in the soil. This can be accomplished this by applying a pre-emergent weed preventer and then covering the soil with a 1-2 inch layer of mulch like GBO Soil-Building Conditioner. Don't use wood/bark chips that are likely to float out of the bed and onto the lawn or patio. The mulch will not only help prevent weeds but also help to retain much needed soil moisture in the summer months.

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